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There is a tomorrow. And I’d love to create it together with you. To shape new ideas. To improve existing or even break down old things to let new things grow. Being creative.


Creativity is at the heart of every entrepreneur. Each new business idea is born out of creative acts.  I believe that digital technology is a crucial driver and main tool to bring your ideas to life.


This is why I’m determined to give you the best technological advice for your idea. While taking into account your high demands of pragmatism and actionability.


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Alexander Degenstein

Digital Consultant / Senior Software Engineer

Today, everybody and every business is challenged by the speed of rapid technology changes. I understand what it means to be in a highly competitive market environment. And I understand how to excel in such an environment with technological advantage.

In several IT projects I served as a Software Engineer, Project Manager, Scrum Master or as a Consultant. The industries I’ve worked in range from the automotive to the health care industry to eCommerce. I have worked for some of the biggest eCommerce players in Germany e.g. a German telecommunication company and a Germany-based online hotel reservation platform.

I would love to get in contact with you and hear about your challenges. Just say hello@degenstein.com. I will help you.

Project Development
Web Design
Big Data Technology
E-Commerce Technology
Cloud Technology

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Willy Brandt

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I want to help you to choose the right technological tool to tackle the challenge at hand. For this, I discuss the topic with you until we've reached a common understanding of the task at hand. Based on this, I investigate the market for the right solution. Be it a software product or the right development team: If I don't know it already, I'll find it.

Project execution

Project execution

The software industry has learned a lot about project execution in complex environments. Other industries adapt these methods and frameworks to benefit from proven methodologies and resulting agility.
As a Professional Scrum Master with experience in Scrum and traditional project teams, I lead and encourage teams to reach their goals on time and budget.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Be careful, here is the magic: Results come from doing things. And I love doing things so much! I create concepts for your business or technical architctures, I record the software requirements and I even code! Yes, I mean getting my hands dirty. I create software prototypes, design your user interface or implement the reference architecture. This is what I've done in most of my previous projects and I still love it :).

From the Blog

Estimote iBeacon App

15 Beacon suppliers where you can buy (i)Beacons

Ahhh…that is good. We are getting momentum in the “Internet of Things”-topic. Since Apple announced support for the iBeacon standard and started to test the technology in the apple stores, we see more and more “field” experiments and also media coverage. So I decided to buy a Estimote Developer Kit to play aorund with the hardware and the API (i will give you an update about my experience).

During my search for iBeacons (or Beacons or Bluetooth LE devices, clarification follows), I found several suppliers for Beacons. Here is a list of them where you can buy (i)Beacons. Let me know when you are missing some devices.

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Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you just about everywhere.

Albert Einstein

Cloud Computing – Die drei Schichten

Ab heute wird es einen Einblick in die Technik hinter Cloud Computing geben. Beginnen möchte ich mit einer grundlegenden Einführung über das “was ist Cloud Computing” und den drei wesentlichen Schichten des Cloud Computing.

Eine eindeutige Definition des Begriffes Cloud Computing gibt es bis dato nicht. Beispielsweise wird es beschrieben als

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Cloud Computing – IT Does Matter

Bevor ich mit der eher techniklastigen Serie richitg loslege, möchte ich noch kurz erklären, warum ich glaube, dass sich dem Hype Cloud Computing niemand entziehen werden kann. Dabei möchte ich kurz auf den Hintergrund und die Herkunft von Cloud Computing eingehen.

Im Jahr 2003 hatte Nicholas G. Carr mit seinem Artikel “IT Doesn’t Matter” [1] für einen ordentlichen Schlagabtausch zwischen verschiedenen IT-Experten gesorgt.

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Semantic Web – Appetizer

Ich beschäftige mich derzeit in einem Forschungsprojekt an der Hochschule Darmstadt mit Semantic Web. Bald gibt es hier Content über das Thema! :)

Die Zukunft ist voll Vernetzt

Internet of Things ist meiner Meinung nach das Thema, das in den nächsten Jahren am meisten Einfluss auf unser tägliches Leben haben wird. Weitere Inhalte werden kommen.

Cloud Computing – Hype oder bald Standard

Mein erster Blog-Eintrag soll sich direkt mal mit dem derzeit ziemlich gehypten Thema Cloud Computing beschäftigen. Ich plane eine kleine Serie über das Thema “was ist eigentlich Cloud” und werde einige Cloud Techniken und Anbieter unter die Lupe nehmen.

Zunächst aber etwas zur Motivation:

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